A Chilling Party

A Chilling Party

Welcome all, to my Halloween party! Find your scariest costume and join me in a peek through this macabre themed festivity. All are invited from the living to the dead.

Halloween invitation

Everyone loves a spooky Halloween party, but who wants to pay the price for decorations you could easily make yourself? Here are some great ways to take simple (and inexpensive) pieces and create your own haunting Halloween party!


Party Highlights:

Most of these decorations are made from products that cost $1 to $5. Remember, a great party doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Presentation3 Presentation1

Spooky Spider Cupcakes: These creepy treats are easy to make and a perfect centerpiece for your dessert table.

Witch and Frankenstein Lollipops: Add some of these lollipops in a bowl with some floral moss and you’ve got another easy treat for your guests.

Presentation4 Presentation5

Pickled Body Parts: These can cost you a small fortune at the store, but if you make them yourself, you can create these ghastly jars for only about $3 apiece!

Presentation7 Presentation8

Test Tubes: For an adult party, these are great to use instead of shot glasses! They also fit in with a mad scientist theme.

Skeleton Vase: You could use this as a centerpiece for table settings, and at only $4 apiece, how can you beat that?


Bloody Skull: Probably my favorite piece, this skull cup adds that real spooky feel to any Halloween party! Use any of your favorite red drinks (add red food coloring if you want it even darker). For the fog, put in a small chunk of dry ice. Make sure the ice is completely melted before you drink. Also, since it is frozen carbon dioxide, it will make the drink “fizzy”.


Leave comments and send pictures of your own Halloween party. I’d love to see them!!


*All pictures are taken by me


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